Tuesday, July 27, 2004

U.S.: Election story

Once upon a time, three little swimmers raced out of the starting block and made it into what they thought was a safe haven. They all knew that a great future awaited them, one that each longed to realize. None of them had any thought beyond the day they would leave their new place and go to another place where fantastic things would happen.

In the meantime, in their new place, there was everything their cold previous home lacked. It was warm and cosy. There was food and rest, and there was also a constant and soothing drumbeat that helped them to sleep at night and provided a rhythm for their play by day.

The three swimmers had a grand old time in their own private pool. They loved it! They stretched and grew, and grew, and grew. They yawned, scratched their faces, tried to walk in the warm water of their pool, played tag with each other, and generally had a grand old time.

Then, one day, a strange thing happened. The three swimmers had no idea what caused it, but an old meanie came along. He stuck a huge hose with chemicals into the pool, and reduced the number of swimmers by two. All that remained was one lone swimmer who did not know if he wanted to stay or go. He did not know what to think about his situation. What should he do? Should he enjoy sole possession of the pool, or should he just sit on the sidelines watching the water? Should he have protected the other three swimmers from the meanie with the chemical hose, or should he just be glad that he was spared?

The lone remaining swimmer did not know what to do. He was paralyzed into inaction just thinking about it. So, the swimmer decided that when he left the pool to go to his new permanent home, he would form a committee to discuss his course of action, then he would think some more about what to do. Imagine the swimmer's surprise when he got to what he thought was his new home and discovered it was already inhabited, and the one who dwelt there had no intention of moving! Gone were all the dreams he had for this new home. Once again, he was alone with no idea what he would do.


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