Tuesday, July 27, 2004

U.S.: Ron Reagan

Only thing to say about this guy -- cold ash from a great fire. Compliments to Chinua Achebe.

I could repeat Schwarzenegger's comment, girlie man, but I won't.

One last thing I will say, he sounds like a used car salesman. The action in stem cell research is not with the embryonic stem cells, but with the adult ones. That's where truly helpful discoveries are being made.

He's got a whore's logic. Where he is arguing we go is where Nazi Germany went. When we decide that one class of humans, because of their absence of discernible human features, is worthy of being sacrificed for the sake of a possible cure for fierce diseases, how long before we decide that another class, the handicapped, should no longer live? Move aside, Dr. Mengele, here comes Ron Reagan and his band of scientists who are ready and willing to decide who is human and who should live.

A whore's logic for a political whore who spit on everything his father ever believed.


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