Thursday, July 29, 2004

U.S.: Final word

Kerry has such contempt for GWB that he misunderestimates him. This will affect how Kerry prepares and responds to GWB during the debates. He will repeat Gore's mistake because he might believe that Bush's success there was attributable to nothing that Bush did but to Gore errors only.

How does Kerry express his contempt for GWB? In a number of ways amongst which are: 1) in his reference to GWB's faith and values. Kerry's opinion is clear. Bush does not think; he has no regard for science; instead, he allows religious sentiment to cloud rationality.

2) In his insistence, despite evidence to the contrary, that GWB is a liar who is allied to the attackers of America.

3) In his assertion that GWB is not a systematic thinker, is not a man capable of planning, but is a man who acts out of some strange sense of the divine that is devoid of rationality.

One and three, in particular, are significant because they are the basis for his misunderestimation of GWB. As long as Kerry's contempt for GWB clouds his ability to see his opponent on these two points, Kerry will be unable to defeat Bush.

One may say what one wishes, but an important feature of Bush's character is his indifference to the opinion of others. He listens to people, yes; however, other people's opinions of his intellect are not likely to sway him. I would suggest that Bush fosters that misunderestimation of his intellect.

Word to Kerry: the higher they are, the harder they fall. You've stepped into a minefield of GWB's making, confident that your contemptuous assessment of him is the right one. The only way you can make it out of there, is if GWB lets you, and he will not. Next time, if there is ever a next time, a little humility and a respect for your fellow man, whatever you think of his brain-power, will serve you in better stead.


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