Monday, July 26, 2004

US: Blogging the Conventional...

I've been watching C-Span's coverage of the Democrat's Convention, and I must say, it's a a Fisk Fest.

...A veritable Cornucopia overflowing with a bounty of Fiskable fruits and nuts.

As expected, thus far it's been a stream of back-patting, obfuscation, and of course prettified vitriolic attack consciousness ® punctuated by awkward pauses wherein the assembled masses mill around wondering what to bellow next.

As far as I can tell after cutting through the brambles of the DNC nuance machine, prosperity and security seem to be their day-one [wal]nut game buzzwords.

And what a machine it is!

In goes one senator who voted against every weapon system this side of the sharpened stick, and out flips a presidential candidate.

In goes a boyish trial lawyer who nearly single-handedly made healthcare more expensive for us proles, and lo and behold, out flops a wizened defender of civil society who'll wave his magic wand...POOF!

Through this cloud of smoke and mirrors...Osama is supposed to emerge to turn himself in with his terrorist rolodex in hand to apologize through his lawyer - in handcuffs, and Europe with Islam will suddenly start loving America again - just like they did back when president Reagan made the Soviets dissappear - with considerably more effort and with considerably more Euro-r├ęsistance.

Yup. They do love their magic rhetoric.
Just click your progressive heels twice, mutter a few incantations platitudes, and compromise your way to multilateral nirvana.


...Sure enough, who should they trot pop out of the well-rubbed Dhimmicrat bottle?
Why Jimmy 'The Peanut' Carter of course.

Now come on...who organized this dissonant twit-in?
Karl Rove?

Jimmy Carter?!
- Proud winner of a Nobel Peace peanut ?!...That prize thing he shares in common with Arafat?

Wasn't he the guy who ushered in the age of the Mullah's?
-The one who presided over the de-ballsification of the American Intel services and military?
-The double digit inflation guy with his 20 odd % interest rates that stalled my family's home ownership plans?

Sure was, but you'd never know for all the liberal American Idol worship.

This is apparently who the anointed DNCers consider their foreign policy guru. Their affable contorting yogi whose spotty (at best) record has been transformed by rote repetition into just another cheaply manufactured reality on the democrat road show.

Which is to say; Show the people dem the shiny trinkets but don't let them anywhere near clear truth...Wouldn't want the everyday people to inadvertently test their new diamonique baubles against the DNC's prismatic wall of obscure glass.

Anyway, as per usual, there was no attempt at providing facts or any semblance of a back story, or even a clear platform beyond the simple feels good to hate Bush rhetoric they have calculated is sufficient to propel them back into power.


Good night.

UPDATE: Booker Rising's Molotov takes the tag and drop-kicks some of Bubba Clinton's assertions.


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