Friday, July 30, 2004

USVI: Boston is for Conventional Democrats.

The sweet symbolism just struck me.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, The Republicans, by choosing New York for their National Convention, have gained the initiative to set the tone for the campaign - with a little help from their DNC 'friends' across the aisle.

...And what an accurate crystalline tone it is.

I mean no disrespect toward the many fine Bostonians who have a clue and a spine upon which to support that bit of clue...but...The terrorists who struck New York killing 2800 people on that September 11 morning in America beat their chests for collective courage, and then lied their way onto those doomed jets - they shortly went on to capture - at Boston Logan International airport.

The Fleet Center where the Democrats attempt to whip themselves into their frenzy is only 1.57 miles away, and sure enough the soaring rhetoric of their convention has been Hijacked by extremists.

There are sinewy threads of symbiosis connecting the fortunes of America's enemies with the Democratic Party leadership, and judging from their convention and through various interviews I've heard on Hugh Hewitt's fine show, I'd say that this fact is beginning to dawn on some of the party's most faithful.

Ignorance is bliss I suppose and not a bit dishonorable if unintentional, but the repulsive shame exposed in this is that the Democrat Party's string-pullers, if not entirely self-deluded, are fully aware of how this great unwinding will play to the electorate if their media shell game can't manage to continue to supress the truth. Fortunately, the truth will out, and the timing is slipping from their grasp.

Control of the national debate's information stream is increasingly falling into the hands of the people - through alternatives to the traditional liberal media hegemony. There exist alternatives such as FOX News, free market Radio, Bloggers, and media hybrids such as Hewitt who is absolutely brilliant at letting the elite hang themselves by their own rhetorical noose. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I'm also not so dense that I can't see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears the tone of near panic that is crackling across the surface of every smiling delegate he interviews.

It has just recently become rather healthily obvious to me that I'm far from alone in seeing the months of flip-flopping, dumbing-down of issues, and manufactured malaise that the Democrat perception machine has been engaged in creating, coming home to roost in Boston's Fleet Center.

Knowlege is on the side of the Republicans.
Best of all, recent polling and personal experiences back my perception up - even through the smoke and mirrors of the established media's spin cycle whose kiberal editors I don't even need anymore.

Talk about speaking truth to power..

I recently spoke with a dear old lefty friend who had returned to the states after ten years living and working in Germany. The pleasantries of catching up and reminiscing inevitably yielded to politics wherein she recycled the familiar Euro perception that the "Democrats and Republicans are basically alike". It took no small amount of work to illuminate and inform her on the stark contrasts evident between the two American parties.
I'm sure she's seeing some of them now.

In contrast to the dissonat denial out of Boston, the Republicans are to have a New York Convention wherein the Bush administration will be able to offer a record of National courage, steadfastness in the face of crushing adversity, and through it all, an innate trust in America that transcends the gloom and hatred oozing from the self-destructive political party that has happily positioned itself with the likes of chief propagandist Moore.

Whether the Democrat party realizes this or not, and despite the media faithfully riding shotgun for them at every pass, they've just pitched their balled-up national conversation from some vague position only halfway to the mound...And they've thrown it into the dirt like so many billionaire gimps playing with playing the national pastime.


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