Wednesday, August 04, 2004

US: Italians kick the crap out of the US basketball team.

As a fellow Cruzan Virgin Islander, Tim Duncan (who I've had the honor to surf with *smirk*) is a super-hero down here and a great guy to boot - but damn! Show some shame Tim...
Associated Press
COLOGNE, Germany -- The U.S. Olympic basketball team quickly shrugged off its stunning exhibition loss to Italy.

"It doesn't hurt at all. It's great preparation," center Tim Duncan said. "If it happened to us in the Olympics, that's different. This doesn't hurt at all."
"This doesn't hurt at all."
- Tim Duncan

The United States was beaten 95-78 Tuesday, just 10 days before its first contest in the Athens Games. It was the most one-sided and embarrassing loss ever by an American team comprised of NBA players. The Americans will try to win its fifth straight Olympics gold medal and improve on its 24-0 record since allowing pro players to participate in 1992.


I would hope that getting slapped around and pelted with meatballs should hurt...Alot.

VIA Protein Wisdom who aptly summed it up with:
"Whipped by men who drive Vespas. How humiliating is that...?"
The entire US team has some serious making up to do to earn their gold stars...After they're done in the corner and take off the dunce caps.

UPDATE: Ok. That's a little better...

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