Thursday, August 05, 2004

U.S.: Jus' like dat!

Jus' like dat! Jus' like dat! I en sleep for de night yet, but de blog on gone down. Jus' like dat. I don' even have to channel Paul Keens.

So, sleep, bustin' me arse, I decide to hold on till 'bout 9 or so to solve de problem. All I was doin' was settin' up another blog for this website mankind payin' I and I to build. It not official yet, y' know, but all you could check it out if all you want. Me ain' go stop yer. See yah, as me bredren from Ja would say, ayah.

So, I ups an' write de web host, y' know, cuz I and I want de blog up an' runnin'. So wha' yer t'ink dey say? Dey want to know if I, rahted wannabe geek I, got de file configgered right. I wanted to tell dem 'bout dey mooma, y' know, but I answer nice an' polite, like me ol' queen raise me.

Up to now, de dam t'ing still not up yet! An' I talkin' bout from since early o'clock dis mornin' when Rtfm write me and say how dis t'ing ain' wuckin'. Wha' me nephew does say? Good t'ing ain' cheap, an' cheap t'ing ain' good. I think if de good Lord bless me wit' a few pennies before I head off to furrin' that I go move de damn blog to a web host wha' know wha' they doin'.

In de meantime, we is CaribPundit, an' we here. Yah, mon!


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