Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Tropical Storm Jeanne: St. Croix feeling the effects.

The wind has started snapping in the last half hour.
The St. Croix Weather page just recorded a peak gust of 74.7 mph and we are stil four hours out from the forecast closest point of approach.

I' don't know how much longer my wireless antennae is going to hold out but I'll keep posting for as long as I'm able.


Tropical systems never fail to amaze me...

12:45 AM:
Power flickering...
Low rumble of thunder in the distance...

12:51 AM:
Bigger Gusts way more consistent!
Now I'm sure my connection will be knocked out at some point tonight. Still hours away from closest approach.

1:00 AM:
Rainband with some pretty strong colors moving in... Higest gust so far - now 75.3 MPH.

1:23 AM:
I'm gonna shut down for a while...Barometric pressure, which has been falling steadily since before 11:PM is now down to 29.435 (1:02 AM) and the winds are consistently in the high 30s and 40s MPH range.

1:50 AM:
So much for shutting down...Power seems a little more stable. and ther's not much thunder in this so far. still supposedly an hour or so until closest approach
Highest gust 79.5 MPH current windspeed 51.0 MPH at 1:47 AM. (From)

2:05 AM:
Jeanne 35 miles south of us.


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