Sunday, September 19, 2004

TT: Enough Grenadians, we don't want any more, says Sat Maharaj

:"Let Grenadians remain in their hurricane-ravaged country, Sat Maharaj, general secretary of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), has advised.

'We say to the Government: take our money, help the Grenadians, they are our brothers. But for God's sake let them stay home over there,' Maharaj told the congregation at Maraj Hill Mandir, Coalmine, on Thursday night.

He added: 'We have enough of them in Laventille and Morvant who have not yet fitted into the social structure in Trinidad and Tobago.'

Maharaj said it took two generations for a migrant to fit into the culture of the host country.

'It's like when our people go to Canada or the USA, it takes them about two generations to fit into the culture of those countries. Those who have come here have not fitted into the culture of Trinidad and Tobago yet, and it will take them about two generations to do so,' he argued.

Commenting on the devastation caused by recent hurricanes in several countries, Maharaj said he believed that prayers played a major role in sparing Trinidad from a similar fate."
Sat, would you say the same thing if Grenadians were Hindus? Admittedly, Sat has a point about new immigrants fitting in. The problem with the Grenadians in Laventille and Morvant is that many or almost all of them are illegal aliens. Thus, they lack the papers necessary to fit into TT, man, woman, and child.

For a child to enroll in a TT school, birth and baptismal certificates are necessary. The birth paper needs to be presented again before the child writes the exam to go to high school. It's impossible to open a bank account in TT without at least two official IDs, a passport and a national ID card, for instance. Everything requires official ID.

Therefore, the illegal alien must, of necessity, exist outside the bounds of society in some dim, grim limbo created by his choice to enter TT illegally. However, as with the U.S., children of illegal immigrants born in TT are automatically citizens of the country.

So, is Sat really afraid of more illegals who can't fit in, or is this plea really about maintaining that 50-50 balance of power between the country's two biggest ethnic groups?


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