Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Atg: Bird's wings being clipped

Even before the police searched his residence, Parliamentarian Asot Michael sent a letter to Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer announcing that he had documents at his home, a government official said yesterday.

In an interview with the SUN, Attorney-General Justin Simon said a letter was sent to PM Spencer and copied to him, stating that MP Michael "had documents in his possession and custody that belonged to him and the police were free to examine them."

It has been reported that over 30 boxes of documents were taken from Michael's residence on Friday.

"This letter was sent to the prime minister prior to the police executing a search of his premises," Simon said. "Not taking anything for granted, the warrant was executed in respect of the entire premises."

A CMC story also reported that the former prime minister's house was also searched for missing government documents and files.


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