Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Bmda: More liberal gobar

The first ‘reconciliation’ meeting between gang members and the community took place last night at the Bermuda Institute in Southampton.

More than 60 people showed up for the meeting to speak to at least half a dozen gang members who sat in the crowd.

Seven speakers took part in the discussion with questions fielded from audience members.

The general consensus from the speakers that emerged was that gang violence is a problem for which everyone is responsible.

Southampton West Central MP Jon Brunson said that young black men join gangs and are fighting because they feel disenfranchised.

He said that if Bermuda “was a home” then these men “feel they are standing on the outside trying to look in because they have no home.”

But he said organisations, including Family Learning Centre, Family Services and Focus, can build bridges between gang members and the larger community by listening to them.
Yes, youths join gangs in a quest to belong. No everyone is not responsible. We all make choices. They could've joined the Boy Scouts or the Cadets if they wished to belong. That's what many law abiding youth do.


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