Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Da: Training the next generation of communists compliments of China

$2m more has just been received from China. These funds are expected to go to students' stipends in Cuba for up to 1 yr; procurement for meds for AIDS patients; improvements in living conditions for police force at Morne Bruce as well as a few other items Source: DBS Radio
That's the choice that Skerritt made when he shifted Dominica's alliance from Taiwan to China. He who pays the piper calls the tune, and the name of the tune is "Hail to the State!"

Da and Venezuela are both laying claim to an island 350 miles off the coast of Venezuela. Venezuela is stating that Bird Island has been in their possession since the late 1970s. The island is to be used to set up a radio station among other facilities. Source: Q95 FM
This, too, is nothing new. Venezuela has a predatory lust for its neighbors sovereign territory that is unmatched in the Caribbean. Trinidad, Guyana, Dominica ... is there anybody whose territorial rights are respected by Venezuelans?


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