Tuesday, April 13, 2004

U.S.: GWB's press conference

He's strong. He feels remorse for the loss of 9/11 but will not claim that his administration is responsible for it. GWB says the nation was not on a war footing. In this, he's right. PDB question, it's historical.

Reporters are asking tough questions, but they can't touch GWB. He is not a fluid speaker, but he knows his stuff. I think he's explained why we must continue in Iraq even though our boys are taking losses. He's connected Al Qaeda to Saddam via the common thread of terrorism, Saddam's funding of it and his coddling of terrorists.

Re the apology question. He's expressed his sorrow to the families. He's sickened by it. Osama is the one responsible, and GWB's administration will stay on the job.

Says foes shouldn't dismiss the contribution and sacrifice of the coalition partners, this is in response to a question about mercenaries being on the ground thus proving, to Dems, that the Coalition is a sham.

I don't know how long his conference will be, but GWB is taking his time to give lengthy answers. Through his answers he is stating his case for continued U.S. involvement in Iraq. He's speaking not just to us in the U.S., but also in Iraq.

GWB blows off the question about why he and Cheney will appear together before the 9/11 Commission.

He's addressing all parts of the questions that are asked of him.

On the question re mistakes, he says look maybe I'm not as quick on my feet about coming up with an answer to that. He admit he's stumped a bit; he did a riff about what he would have done the same if he'd had the same info that he has now. Says he'd still have gone into Iraq.

Good, strong, assertive. We'll stay the course and complete the job in Iraq. Message to the loved ones, your loved ones performing a noble service in the cause of freedom and peace.

Says he doesn't make decisions according to polls. Neither does he expect to lose the election.

Got a strong sense of self. Strong sense of conviction. Refuses to communicate based on polls.

Ends with saying that the world has learned that when he says something, he means it. The credibility of the U.S. depends on nations' ability to rely on the U.S.'s word once given.

My take: GWB's the man. As much as I love the way Kerry can hold on to two contradictory opinions; as much as I'm charmed by his sonorous descendo cadences; as much as I admire the wonderful immobility of his forehead (thanks to botox); as much as I'm not energized by the monotony of his speeches -- all of these powerfully attractive charms of Kerry are too much for this little shrimp of a woman. He's just too overpowering. So, I'll go with GWB; his steadfastness; his laconic and plain speech; his cowboy swagger and inclination to gun-talk; his I say what I mean and mean what I say attitude. So difficult a choice to make, but I'm a woman. I can change my mind at a future date.


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