Tuesday, April 13, 2004

U.S.: Ashcroft in the 9/11 Committee crosshairs

Unless I miss my guess, Ashcroft blew some heavy duty cannon balls across the bows of the good ship 9/11 Committee. They were prepping to chew that ol' Missoura boy up and spit him out ... big time! Well, ol' son John comes on and rams some facts down their throats. This backed the Dems up, and now they are purring cuz they know that John Ashcroft -- the good Christian soldier who's despised and reviled by the American Left; he's the man they love to hate, apart from GWB -- was ready, willing, and able to take the fight to them. Without ever once saying Clinton, Ashcroft put Jaime Gorelick in the crosshairs.


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