Tuesday, April 13, 2004

U.S.: Dems wanted Bush to take military action

Oh, the warlike Dems! Clinton failed to act after the Cole had been bombed. He did absolutely nothing. Ex-Congressman Romer is demanding to know why the Bush administration didn't go after Al Qaeda. Oh, the hypocrisy of it. The sheer, utter, total hypocrisy of it.

Romer wants to know why the Bush administration waited six, eight months down the road. Why not go after Al Qaeda.

From today's questioning, it's even more apparent that the Dems want to pin 9/11 on the Bush administration.

Janet Reno got treated with kid gloves, even when Romer gave her a softball question -- the one about how Ahmed Ressam was caught -- and her response supported Condi Rice's statement rather than Richard Clarke's. Nobody interrupted Reno; nobody tried to cut off her answers; nobody was impolite to her; nobody condescended to her by claiming he was impressed by her background and achievement. Why not, you wonder?

Janet Reno is a Democrat. Put more precisely, Janet Reno is NOT a black Republican woman. Those three words together stir up a powerful rage in Democrat hearts.


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