Tuesday, April 13, 2004

E.U.: A Strategic Base Of Operations For Western Islamofascist Converts.

Why does there remain any doubt that there is an ongoing pattern of 'unlikely coincidence' underpinning the varied active efforts of fascist 8th century propaganda networks busily harnessing western openness whilst they target disaffected western youth for conversion to jihadism?

Via: FrontPage mag
Holy War in Europe
By Reuel Marc Gerecht

On August 26, 1995, a militant Islamic group led by a twenty-four-year-old French Muslim named Khaled Kelkal attempted to blow one of France's high-speed trains off its rails. Luckily, the bomb's detonator, which used an ordinary twelve-volt battery, failed. Later that fall, other bombs would go off in France: two in double-decked metro rail cars in suburban Paris, one in a trash can along the very bourgeois Avenue de Friedland, another in a Parisian open-air market, and one more in a provincial Jewish school. In all there were nine attacks in three months, which killed ten people and wounded 114.

The bombings in 1995 provoked a widespread awareness for the first time in France that the country had a radical-Muslim problem, which was increasingly homegrown and not imported. Kelkal moved to France from Algeria when he was one month old; not known for being religious in his troubled youth, he became an Islamic militant in a French jail, as have hundreds of highly westernized French Muslims. Many more thoroughly secularized French Muslims, who did not have crime-filled youths, have become Islamic radicals, culturally at war with the society that made them,. Zacarias Moussaoui, the "twentieth hijacker" of 9/11, is the most notorious example of a religious Frenchman who became intoxicated with the holy-war ideology preached in many radical mosques throughout Western Europe...


...Europe's jihadists are born from their imperfect assimilation into Western European societies, from the particular alienation that young Muslim males experience in Europe's post-Christian, devoutly secular societies. The phenomenon is vastly more common among Arabs than among African or Asian Muslims. The reasons why these young, predominantly Arab males are drawn to the most militant expressions of Islam are complex and always personal. But their journey--which they usually begin as highly westernized, modern-educated youths of little Islamic faith and end as practitioners of bin Ladenism--is a thoroughly European experience...


...the United States, too, has had its Muslim jihadists and will, no doubt, produce more. And the globalization of this virulent strain of fundamentalist, usually Saudi-financed, Islam is real and probably getting worse. But the modern European experience seems much more likely to produce violent young Muslims than the American one. Europe may be competitive with the worst breeding grounds in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan...


...Islamic holy-warrior terrorist organizations need European Muslims who can lawfully obtain Western European passports.

Al Qaeda knew this a long time ago, which is why the recruitment of Muslims who could travel and operate in the West was a high priority.

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Why all the blanket denial?

Theo-fascists even go so far as to openly proclaim their snowballing intentions to harness their western pawns for use in the global armed Jihad against the very idea of our hard-earned secular western liberalism which is/was held together by a common Judeo-Christian moral heritage.

In my humble observation, the pervasive ignorant denial that generally persists has much in common with the "Peace for our time" desperation of the 1930's era Nazi consolidation.

Once again, our overly-comfortable PC western press - along with our beholden political leadership - are doing a fearfully anemic job of explaining the rising global impact of the poisonous threads of anti-western terrorism that picks up much of its legitimizing oxygen as it courses through the arterial blather that disguises itself as mainstream journalism. In so doing, our civilization's very existence is nearly wholly constrained by a prostrating political-correctness which has literally institutionalized fear of confronting hard truths - ostensibly under the aegis of protecting us schooling fishies from our own tiny little brains no less. Meanwhile they swim with piranas in search of their suicidal conception of a balanced story - as long as it's balance serves to obfuscate and confuse morality whilst pissing on our national cohesiveness.

Thank God for the blogsphere!
...where anyone with the right-half of a brain can sift through the elite mainstream garbage for the elusive kernel of unabashed truth hidden within the multicultural big lie.

One way or another, be it in a time-space and by a superior method of our choosing, or through the brutal dictates of our self-proclaimed mortal enemies, our current disconnect from the realities of this conflict of civilizations will have to be faced down and actively resolved...Even amidst the increasingly demoralized Rome of moral equivalency that smolders around us all as we fiddle with our various trivialities.

The cynical political posturing of predatory leftist partistans has intentionally clouded the tearful yet resolved clarity of focus forced upon our nation by formerly smug nihilists sitting in their caves as they watched the spectacle of pillars of ash and brimstone hanging over the symbols of our liberty in New York and Washington and a lonely field in Pennsylvania.

It is not without some trepidation that I look forward to the day when we must together and inevitably regain our unified sense of responsibility for maintaining that ideal of universal human liberty which was entrusted to us by our now politically incorrect Founding Fathers. They lived and died by the very principles they were willing to fight for. Those principles and hard won miracles were bequeathed to our hands to maintain and nurture forever yet unprincipled partistans wielding the tools of their ambitions, chip away at our foundations much to the delight of freedom's enemies.

My main apprehension is that the collective forces of evil arrayed against us (and amongst us) will prevail in their belief that the American beacon of western civilization is as lazy and comfortably decadent as it apparently is in the European cauldron. Which is to say, too fearful to defend themselves even in the face of an escalating death, whose cultists have already tasted some success in snuffing out the lives and human potential of many thousands whilst reveling in the slowed momentum of modernity.

In the aftermath of 9/11/01 and the stated intentions of our enemies who danced at the news on that tragic day, what further escalated catastrophe will it take for our ostrich pundits to yank their heads out of the potholed Arab street?


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