Friday, April 16, 2004

Vzla: Chavez is lying

So, what else is new? That's what Communists do.

Victoria Alvarado, U. S. Embassy press attaché in Caracas, rejected President Chávez’s Tuesday claims of President George Bush’s involvement in the failed coup d'état launched against him in 2002. "President Chávez's accusations are categorically false," Alvarado said in an interview with a local TV station. She added that "repeating groundless allegations does not make them true." Alvarado believes that this is clearly a new attempt to deviate attention from the sustained effort that Venezuelans have been making to reach a constitutional, peaceful, democratic and electoral solution to the current impasse, as established by OAS Resolution 833." Earlier, Roger Noriega, the Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, reiterated, that despite the negative and irresponsible declarations about his country, Washington’s intention is to continue looking for a solution within the OAS to the Venezuelan crisis. On Tuesday, during a rally to celebrate his return to power, President Chávez accused President Bush of promoting and financing the coup against him in 2002, and continuing financing opposition groups determined to oust him.


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