Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Panama - The Panama Canal Might Be In Danger of Being Blown Up

Is the Canal in danger? Officials won't confirm the Agence France-Pressereport stating that a member of al-Qaida, Adan Guishar El Sshuknjumah, or Jafar al-Tayar, has targeted the Panama Canal.

El Shukrijumah is wanted in connecttion with possible threats against the United States. He speak English and has Miramar, Florida address. He carries a Guyanese passport, but could "attempt to enter as a Saudi, Canadian, or Trinidadian." He and others might have been implicated by the Honduran government. The FBI is offering a reward for"up to $5 million for "for information leading directly tto the capture of the 29-year-old "possible terrorist."

Hmm. Offering $5 million for a "possible terrorist." That confirms irt for me!


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