Wednesday, June 30, 2004


This prayer request was forwarded to me by a friend from Trinidad and Tobago. The "Indian businessman" was a close friend of her late mother.

Crime has taken the sweetness out of our TnT existence. We feel
powerless,scared, worn and battered. Every day it gets closer and closer to
home. The government of the day is clearly incapable of dealing with the
situation.They have even turned their backs on their perceived core supporters -
Every day youth are gunned down in Lavantille and Morvant. The opposition
had yet to offer anything constructive or proactive to the debate. We simply
cannot depend on them for support, compassion, even basic attention. They
are too engrossed in their game of political football, but its like we are the ones inside the football. In the process they have pounded and kicked and thrown us into a state of disbelief and fear. The headlines are desensitizing us to the issue, and some of us have adopted an air indifference as a coping mechanism. "Those youths in the inner city are killing themselves
off." "That was drug-related ,for sure!". "They're only kidnapping Indian

Clearly, we all need to take charge of the situation as a country, and in
the absence of the support those in charge, we must do what we can as
individuals. Start with your spirit. Pray for our country with all your
heart for our country. Say the rosary. Do a puja. Have a reading in your
home. Ask your parish priest to dedicate a service. Or simply spend
some quiet time meditating on the issue, and visualize our country being cleansed
of these disturbing elements.

July 2004 will be the 14th year since our 1990 Abu Bakr related trauma. We
are calling on all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to dedicate the month of
July as month of prayer for our country. Whenever we hear of crime,
whenever we feel powerless to the outside forces, surrender the feeling to God
with a prayer. Get together in small groups in your homes. Speak to your
Priest, Pundit and Iman. It can be an organized affair, or it can be private
And personal. Just pray, meditate and visualize. Ask that the lessons we
Must learn from this low point in our history be revealed to us, and that
we may come away from it with our lives intact. Let us turn the month of July into an unending prayer session. Do your part to keep the communication
open with God.

Trust that He will hear our collective call.

Pray for TNT in July


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