Wednesday, June 30, 2004

U.S.: Enough of this Judaeo-Christian bigotry!

RALEIGH, N.C.: The state Supreme Court ordered a judge Tuesday to restore references to God in the words used when he enters the courtroom and when witnesses swear to tell the truth.

The high court sided with angry officials from two counties who complained that District Judge James M. Honeycutt had taken it upon himself to change courtroom procedures.

The high court ordered Honeycutt to stop using a revised oath missing the phrase "so help you God," and administer the witness oath as spelled out in state law. The court also ordered the judge to allow bailiffs to begin court sessions with a proclamation that includes "God save the state and this honorable court."

Honeycutt had threatened to hold several bailiffs in contempt of court if they continued to use the phrase, according to a complaint by court officials in Iredell and Davidson counties.

Honeycutt told officials in March he was revising the oath in his courtrooms because of the increasing number of non-Christians and people of diverse beliefs served by the court system.

Though the standard oath includes the reference to God, state law allows witnesses themselves to decide to "affirm" their intent to be truthful rather than take the oath referring to God.

Honeycutt did not immediately return a message Tuesday afternoon seeking comment.
Read the rest. This country was founded on Judaeo-Christian principles, and, as de Tocqueville said, the day America forgets God is the day America comes to ruin. Welcome those who hold to other beliefs, yes, but let us never forget the Judaeo-Christian foundation that made this country great.


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