Tuesday, July 27, 2004

U.S.: Made up my mind once again

After two nights of BS solid Democrat rhetoric, I've decided to switch my party affiliation from Republican to Democrat.

What? Why? you ask. It's simple. I'm a sentimental broad at heart, and all this talk of unity is getting to me. I'm seeing John F'Fin Forbes Kerry like I've never seen him before. He's wise and weak strong. He served four and a half whole months in Vietnam. He's a patriot. He'll lift us up so we rejoin the cheese-eating surrender monkeys French, and the brat-eating beer-swilling pacifists Germans. He served in Vietnam, oh, I said that already. He'll give us clean air and clean water. We'll join the ICC and ratify that BS environmental treaty Kyoto. His wife thinks she's a better man than he is that he's wonderful. He fought in Vietnam.

All of this BS Democrat spin wonderful rhetoric has bowled me over. Me voici! Behold me! A Democrat.

Why am I so ecstatic about that? There was all this BS lovely rhetoric about unity that made me laugh my fool head off brought tears to my eyes. I tell you, I laughed wept like a drain! One thing I'm sure about is that given Kerry's really weak strong ideas on defense, God forbid if he's elected president, we'll all be united in death for life cuz the terrorists will kill our arse dialogue with us.

All thanks to John F'fin Forbes Kerry.


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