Saturday, September 25, 2004

China: Getting my butt kicked!

I'm getting my butt kicked restoring the site's database. It's now Saturday evening. I started Friday night and worked until Saturday 7AM, when the lights went out. We had no power all day until a few minutes ago. Fourth world stuff.

Is there anybody out there who has a clue about MySQL DBs? I'm well nigh clueless but valiantly trying. Here's what I'm doing. I've loaded up the backup file to the server. I'm in phpMyAdmin doing a Choose File at the SQL line. Once 'Go' is clicked, that is supposed to reload the database. Theoretically. Somebody must've beaten me with a dumb stick cuz I sure ain't getting it right.

I'm also posting blind to the Blogspot site. Yep, that's how it is. You can post, but you can't see the thing. Fifth world stuff.

Meantime, The Bronzegod, he who has made the new spacious CaribPundit digs possible, is wondering what's up. Bronzegod, I love you, man, and I'll love you a whole lot better if you can restore the DB for me.


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