Sunday, September 19, 2004

TT: Life after Ivan

"STILL picking up the pieces in the wake of Hurricane Ivan, members of a Maraval family returned home on Friday to find their home virtually destroyed after a massive pile of debris came crashing down on top of their house following a sudden downpour of rain.

Michael Potts and his wife Margaret, of Upper La Seiva Road Maraval, said it was the second time for the month that misfortune had struck the family as the heavy rains and wind from Hurricane Ivan, had also brought down piles of debris onto their house, totally destroying the guest room.

'Thank God we had nobody there at the time because they would have surely died,' a visibly fatigued Mrs Potts told the Sunday Express yesterday."
Prayers ascending for all those families in the Caribbean and U.S. who have lost loved ones, homes, and other possessions.


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