Monday, October 24, 2005

Just musing

Well, I finally broke down and got a domain name that is as same as the blog. CaribPundit. Note that. CaribPundit is now at

In spite of that, I'm going to hang out here a while at Do reviews or something. Heck, do something. By the way, I've got another blog running, Theologica Crucis. I used to have that on the same site as the news blog, but then I decided to separate things. Yeah, I know that that means the blog is a lot less interesting. For a while there, I had news, short fiction, and theological writings all in the same place. No more. I've not put up the short fiction on its own site yet, but eventually, I'll get around to that.

I've got a stack of movies that I'm intending to review. Some are old, some are new. Who cares. I saw Kingdom of Heaven while I was in China and my off the cuff review? Hollywood kissing Islamic terrorist butt. Those cowardly weasels in Hollywood couldn't even get the known historical facts straight. The Crusades were never an offensive war; it was always defensive -- the same as the war we're fighting right now in Iraq. If Hollywood couldn't get past history right, it's no surprise that their view of history in the making is warped.

That's about it for blogging. I never promised that I'd make any lengthy posts.


Anonymous inexpensive vintage jewelry said...

Agree with you about the Kingdom of Heaven flick. Hollywood sucks.

1:15 PM  

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