Thursday, July 01, 2004

U.S.: Late night lunch

This is the third day I've made fish broth around midnight. I bought some catfish nuggets, cleaned them up, seasoned them just right.

Tonight, I went to the grocery store and got some butternut squash, green figs (bananas not yet ripe), some cassava (yucca). You know how you get these urges for specific kinds of food. Anyway, I sauteed some sliced tomatoes and bits of some really mild jalapeno type pepper in veggie oil, then added the fish, half of an onion sliced, two figs cut up into 1" chunks, cassava sliced into chunks, and some squash cubes. I poured two little soup bowls of water, then added a dash of oregano, black pepper, cayenne, several grains of garlic pressed, and some pats of stick butter. I put the heat on low, covered down the sauce pan.

It was yummy! So, now I'm lying here pretty contented. One night I added a dash of cinnamon -- about 1/2 teaspoon -- to season the fish. Cinammon is good to keep one's blood sugar levels just fine. I'm not a diabetic, but I like to take front before it takes me. It's a great flavor, cinnamon mixed in with all the above seasonings.

Night before I made cou-cou (cornmeal, onion, and ochroes seasoned and boiled to a solid ball) to go along with the fish broth. It was great. It reminded me of my grandmother who died during the 70s. Ma used to make a wicked stewed fish and cou-cou.

Ah, well.


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